MCT sequence one-S100


Angus Davies conducted a great in-depth review of the replica MCT watches folletín number S100, which has a very innovative hour and second display that can eliminate lots of the commonality between traditional design and high-end watches.


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Recently with the 2014 Basel International Enjoy and Jewellery Show, I got very happy to spend time together with employees from the independent company Manufacture Contemporaine Du Temperatures (often referred to as MCT). My partner and i tried various models inside the company's watch series in addition to freely admitted that it was adore at first sight. MCT seems to realize " how to press any button". I am not expressing that I am angry, yet MCT's watch " exposed me" in the sense of time.


MCT is surely an independent, innovative, stylish as well as exemplary expert-level finish. It is unparalleled action can be seen in a matter of seconds. Indeed, I found many features very attractive.


MCT Sequence No . 2-S200 18-karat rose gold


The particular founder of MCT as well as the creative figure who is in charge of the delicate depiction of the time is Denis Giguet. Despite the fact that Denis no longer works for that company, François Candolfi, the existing CEO of MCT, remains keen to convey the function Giguet played in resulting in the MCT brand. Today, this kind of technological heritage always is present in the exquisite timepieces produced by the brand.


A couple models are particularly interesting, particularly Sequential One - S100 and the amazing Sequential 2 - S200. In both situations, the rose gold style telephone calls me and wears a single on each wrist, which I consider is my favorite. I respected both of them and found it hard to decide between the two, and so i chose to review these two discount replica watches this coming year. However , due to the need to value the order, I decided to guage the MCT Sequential Just one - S100 first.


The dial on this special dial is amazing and has a unique aesthetic that may be different from any other timepiece in the marketplace.


The several hours are displayed on several modules, including five prisms, each of which works collectively to take advantage. The prism has three planes, each and every with a different number of factors. When all five prisms are aligned, they plainly communicate the hours inside a clear and easy-to-read structure.


At first glance, typically the hour display may seem basic, which is why it is easy to explain. Still these five prisms are incredibly complicated and therefore require a lots of engineering knowledge.


The minute dial made of blue crystal is located in the center of often the dial. It hangs on the hour display and appears like the letter " C". The open appearance with the minute dial shows the actual hour below by twisting above the relevant module. The top minute dial is ornamented with Arabic numerals and also brush strokes, and the short minutes are displayed with just one hand.


The ultimate look of the dial is usually breathtaking. Cutting-edge design, superb engineering design and standard watchmaking technology are flawlessly integrated. No matter where you choose to emphasis, your eyes will be motivated by the magical details along with lifted to a higher level.


The central center on the dial is embellished with the brand's name and possesses a round-textured surface in which proves MCT's uncompromising delivery.


The small used of the movement is viewed on the back of the fashion replica watches .




The truth combines polished and satin-brushed surfaces and is made of 18-karat rose gold. There are also platinum variations to choose from, but I think the heat of the pink gold type provides the most attractive claim to title. MCT Sequential One , S100 measures 45. 00 mm x 45. 00 mm.


Oddly enough, the height of the boxes may differ. It is 6. 00 millimeter near the bezel and boosts to 15. 5 mm in the heart of the dial.


Stupidly, apart from the excitement regarding dealing with the Basel MCT watch, I failed to eliminate the MCT Sequential One : S100 from my proper arm while shooting within the wrist. However , I did try out putting the watch on my right nut later, and can report which it felt perfect at home.


The crown would not protrude much from the straps. I suspect this is a good reason why I find that watch very comfortable. I need to admit that I did not make an effort to determine the ease of use by functioning the crown, but according to other impressive design factors, I doubt whether it will eventually cause criticism.


The horn is quick, with a hole and battres downwards. The high-quality may be the leather strap hugs my very own wrist affectionately, which is charming.


The bottom protect of the exhibition can ensure the inherent superior performance is actually tasted by the discerning folks.




MCT-S1 is a handbook winding movement, containing 471 components. It has a frequency involving 18, 000 vph (2. 5 Hz) and contains over 80 jewels. richard mille RM 67-02 replica


Firstly, for high-end watches, the particular 40-hour power reserve seems unsatisfying. However , to create this exciting rotating prism and turning minute dial, a lot of vitality is required. I hope this is a top of the line supercar. It may accumulate plenty of fuel, but the joy it gives you proves thirst.


The bridge is furnished with a circular Geneva trend pattern. Each stripe is definitely beautiful, and you can clearly begin to see the perfect sharpness on deeper inspection. The slope from the bridge is unparalleled, glistening in ambient light.


The polished drain on the screw groove again illustrates the patience in the MCT staff in producing this extraordinary movement.


The screw-in harmony wheel makes it easy for skilled watch manufactures to place the watch. The gue (Breguet) coil on the sense of balance spring was too time consuming, and at the same time created more labour, while ensuring the best isochronism, and justified the extra associated with the watch company.


MCT did not cut sides with this completely modern enjoy, every element of its arrangement is outstanding. In addition , inspite of the modern style, the watch continue to upholds the high standards connected with haute horology.


I am eager for a watch this excites me through excellent design and thought-provoking architectural. In this regard, MCT Sequential One-S100 can best meet the needs. In addition , it has furthermore used several superb expertise of superb skills, as well as achievements are beyond reproach. Indeed, high-end traditional Europe craftsmanship has not been abandoned to get modern aesthetics, but have been used to enhance the effect.


MCT Sequential 1 - S100 has used the sequence and collection brilliantly, resonating with our heart and obsessive-compulsive condition. I am very happy to return to MCT soon to review Sequential A couple of - S200 and keep on this exciting brand in the enjoyable journey.


Technical Specification


Model: MCT Sequential One particular - S100

Guide: SQ 45 S100 PG 01

Case: 18-karat pink gold; dimensions fortyfive. 00 mm x 1 out of 3. 00 mm; height 12-15. 50 mm in the centre in addition to 6. 00 mm around the edges; water resistant to 3 club (30 metres); sapphire ravenscroft to front and caseback.

Functions: Hours; a few minutes; small seconds on movements visible via the display caseback.

Movement: MCT-S1, hand-wound movement; frequency 20, 000 vph (2. a few Hz); 81 jewels; reserve of power 40 hours; 471 elements.

Strap: Black crocodile leather strap supplied over a 18-carat pink gold deployant.